the power of the dark

wrote by Marcos Murilo Campos

You approach like fire's fierce blaze,

With apocalyptic desire ablaze.

And thus the world comes to an end,

Death's gaze in your eyes transcend.

My life, on the precipice of truth,

Rendered meaningless to heedless youth.

Despair's sword pierces my frozen heart,

Like Excalibur, tearing enemies apart.

Winter's breath whispers in my ear,

Your words, a storm that fuels my tears.

My blood, a wine poured from your glass,

Thoughts scattered amidst chaos amassed.

On bended knees, it seems I pray,

A puppet for your games, you hold sway.

Your kingdom built on vengeance's call,

Between heaven and hell, you hold them all.

Even Zeus flees from your audacity,

The Devil himself shuns your cruelty.