wrote by Marcos Murilo Campos

And now, you may be asking me, 'How can I learn English in a simple way?' Well, I learned it in a very simple way, but if you think it was a miracle or magical formula and that I achieved fluency in just three months or less, you're wrong. I learned English by watching videos, movies, and TV shows in English only, sometimes with English subtitles and sometimes without subtitles at all. I just did that, nothing more. In the beginning, I felt stupid because I couldn't understand anything in the videos I watched, but that's totally normal to feel like this. The key is to not give up. It took me a couple of years until I could understand 90% of the content I was watching, but I finally achieved it. If you keep going and don't give up, you will learn English. If you add some other methods to this process, you can learn faster. Consistency is the key - just keep going and choose content that you enjoy. That way, the process will be a little bit less difficult. I didn't study grammar rules or anything like that. Maybe I am making a lot of mistakes here writing this, but I won't learn if I don't try and make mistakes because that's part of the process. If you are reading this article, I hope I could help you. Please don't give up on learning English. Take care.